Migraine Medication

I’m prone to migraines. I generally manage them with caffeine, over-the-counter meds, and creative thinking. Sometimes this involves new and interesting positions while I am sitting in the office. At other times this involves me screaming obscenities at the fluorescent light-fixtures while rocking slowly in my chair. If the pain is really awful, I take what my doctor refers to as an “emergency pill” and what I like to call “I feel fuzzy and soft and warm like fresh-baked bread and would thusly like to hug the vagrants who live in our parking lot pill.” This is wonderful until I need to do something productive, like find a word or…you know…speak:

X: a ‘word that starts with i meaning you don’t care about anything’
me: agnostic
X: no
me: or ambivalent
X: no…’i’
me: incredulous…not right
X: no
me: impertinent
X: really?
me: I’m high on migraine meds. I’m just running through everything I can think of
X: very close to that one
me: indeterminate
X: colder
me: insouciant?
X: die in a fire
me: Thank you, I would rather not.

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