Happy Valentine’s Day

I haven’t done this Valentine’s Day thing in an extremely long time.  I think I remember something about hearts and flowers.  Neither exist in Detroit.

I thought about sending you flowers to your office, but paying a stranger to deliver a personal message seems very impersonal to me (a text message with a link to a website is somehow better? :P).  Instead, please enjoy this lovely chunk of web real estate and cheesy template.  It is yours to do with as you please.  Keep it hosted on the current system, or I can ship it off to your current blogspot page.

I’m not the best at expressing the mushy stuff, but the time I’ve spent with you over the last few months has rekindled some emotions that I had forgotten even existed.  Everyone at work gives me crap for being so happy lately.  I blame you.

I'm sure this image isn't copyrighted...

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Be mine?


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