Why I shouldn’t be allowed to speak at conferences….

Maybe it was just that I spent too much time online dating over the last year, but it seems I am constantly drawing analogies between the dating world and the publishing world. This last weekend, I attended a conference in Sierra Vista, AZ.  That’s right, a city that exists south of Tucson.  Things to know about Sierra Vista?  There is a working oil well in the middle of town. Texas Roadhouse is very popular and will have a 20 minute wait on a Friday night even if you are a party of one. Also, the people of Sierra Vista are very concerned about a party of one and will make every effort to provide you with discount food and snacks while you sit alone at your table.  Sierra Vista is not a place for those who prefer to dine alone and uninterrupted. People in Sierra Vista are unlikely to subscribe to the Matthew McConaughey way.

But I digress.

The reason for this post is to share my analogy.  For your consideration, I submit

“Publishing is like online dating—it’s awful. You put yourself out there and you get rejected.  You go home, you eat a bowl of ice cream, and you cry.  And you pull yourself together and you try again. But just because your date didn’t work out, doesn’t make you a bad person.  And just because your book wasn’t accepted, doesn’t make it a bad book.  Book publishing, like dating, is about chemistry.  You are looking for your soul mate…of publishing.”

That’s right. The soul mate of publishing.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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