It’s not that I don’t care … oh wait, yeah I don’t really care

I work with clients. This, is, by its very nature a stressful prospect for any job doer and can lead to all sorts of symptoms like: screaming at your computer, calling coworkers to commiserate, more screaming at your computer, delayed return emails to said client while you sort out your thoughts for a few days, and just general malaise.

My job is really to inform, manage, and shepherd projects through a system. I deal with clients, contractors, databases, vendors, and all sorts of hoops that must be jumped through in order to complete the process. It isn’t a particularly difficult job, but it does require a thicker skin than I may possess. I’m getting better at it, but what “getting better at it” entails is really just caring less, removing emotion from my processes — i.e. communicating with people, and taking a lot of guff on the chin that is just unnecessary venting by clients to me.

Is this funny? No. Does it inspire a poorly created flow chart? Yes.


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