Girls Night!*

I have an acquaintance — I’m loathe to call her a friend — who is constantly sending me invites for “girls nite [insert food du jour here].

What is this shit?

As women, are our lives so overrun by men that we need to escape them for specially made feminist enchiladas? Do we really need to discuss our menstrual cycles with that much detail that those meager men just cannot be present?

I like my husband. That’s why I married him. I rarely feel I need to “just be around some women” while sitting with him watching GCB on a Sunday night. He knows the difference between a clutch and a handbag. I know what an assist is. We enjoy each others company and this manifests itself most at mealtime when we, you know, talk to each other (or just catch Modern Family on hulu).

There seems to be a lot of “I need a boyfriend” or “I want to get married” or whatever out there happening (particularly with the acquaintance) but then the same women turn around and start trying to segregate the pasta nights.

Can’t we just have “fun nice people pasta night?”


*for some reason typing that made me think of Kristallnacht — which is unpleasant — but then made me giggle because it would be kind of funny if you had a friend named Crystal and you had a special nacht for her…  Though I’d never be friends with someone named Crystal.

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