You are my density

Remember in Back to the Future where George McFly tries to tell Elaine that he is destined to be with her? Sadly, George is not the most eloquent of speakers. And he declares that she is his density. And you laugh because you think that George is dense, and you know that Marty is there from the future and they really are destined to be together, or else Marty doesn’t exist. Sometimes, you are meant to have a conversation or an interaction. Because it is your density. And because the universe likes fucking with you.

Kat Tremendous and I were discussing her Southern schooling. Particularly the idiotic names that Southerners feel they must give their children.

Kat Tremendous: Oh, fuck yeah. You should see the roster of names of girls I went to school with.

Penelope Prudence: I shouldn’t be surprised by this but ugh

Kat Tremendous: One girl insisted on being Katharine Tyler. You couldn’t call her Katharine.YOU HAD TO DO THE WHOLE NAME. So I called her Katharine Tyler Forsythe every time.

Penelope Prudence: hahahaha I love that you added the Forsythe

Kat Tremendous: Many of the girls had their mother’s grandmother’s last name as their first name.

Penelope Prudence: Parents are terrible to their children. That should not be allowed.

Kat Tremendous: No, it’s a very important thing in the South to be named for your people. We can’t pronounce the name I should have been since it was Polish. But if you are Scot-Irish with English descent, you can be Forester or some shit and it just sounds preppy. And if that doesn’t work, you can be named for the first child of the colonies!

Penelope Prudence: It’s fine to use them as middle names. My grandparents are southeners. Penelope Prudence: But first names? Just be normal See, my brother has a proper southern middle name: Rawlings.

But No one would call him Rawlings as a first name. That’s just mean.

Kat Tremendous: Yeah. It was a fucked up world I was exposed to. See, my friend’s brothers had names like that. They’d have a normal first name, like John. Because that was the family first name.But then they’d be called Rawlings as their house name.

Penelope Prudence: GAH!!!! And then they also punish the girls. WHY?!

Kat Tremendous: Because Rawlings Elizabeth Forsythe is adorable!*snickers*

Penelope Prudence: I really want to use Forsythe on someone now

Kat Tremendous: I know!

Penelope Prudence: Ryan’s southern family is in town. We are having dinner tonight. I’m totally bringing this up. You need a dog named Forsythe

Kat Tremendous: Yes a dog named Forsythe would be awesome.

Penelope Prudence: “Forsight?”
“No ‘Forsythe.’ *drawls* It’s a Southern thing”

And from there, our conversation wandered to furniture, until minutes later, a discussion with my coworker popped up in the chat window

Sarah Burn: what’s a good name for a southern dog, by the way? Like, not a strange name, but just a servicable one
Penelope Prudence: Ha! Funny you should ask. You are going to seriously laugh at the conversation I am about to paste you.

And I did paste her. As of yet, she has not been convinced to use Forsythe, but I feel it is destiny. I also feel I should probably buy a lottery ticket based on the name. Density says so. Don’t worry, if I win the lottery, I will still blog. I would never want to disappoint you.

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