Increasingly Noncompliant Patient

It isn’t so much that I hate doctors or the medical professions, it’s that I really am tired of being asked to do stupid things that are inconvenient or expensive for me for apparently no discernible medical benefit.

The first time I said no was a few months ago. My daughter had dislocated her elbow while we were out of town and the urgent care wanted her to be seen by her pediatrician. I did that. When we got to the pediatrician’s office, however, the nurse wanted me to strip my 1-year-old down so she could weigh her and get her measurements. “But I’m here for her arm,” I remember saying. I was irritated enough to say, “She is dressed appropriately for arm exams. She was here last week for her checkup. Is there any medical benefit to this as it is super inconvenient for me.” The nurse said I could decline. So I declined. The Kid’s arm healed just the same.

Now I’m dealing with some medical issues pertaining to my reproductive areas.

My first issue is that my IUD is apparently missing. They had the ultrasound tech poke and squish around and nothing was found. I then had a followup call a week later telling me that I should schedule an x-ray. I’m not going to. I’m fully satisfied that the IUD is not lodged in a lung. I’m going to decline until otherwise forced into it.

Besides the IUD being MIA, had an abnormal PAP smear, something they say is fairly normal. They found the odd cells, they biopsied them. I’m good with that. Now they want me to come in to discuss my results. I asked the nurse on the phone if it was that bad. She said no. That’s just how the doctor likes to do it. I asked if there was going to be an exam. She said no. Just a discussion. I said, “Have the doctor call me. It’s too inconvenient for me to schedule time in my life to come to your office to talk.” She said she’d see if that was possible.

They better make it possible.

I don’t know how other people schedule things like that. I work and am the custodial parent to our child all day. We have no family or easy way of guaranteeing available child care. You need to tell me I need some kind of cryo-treatment? Awesome. Call me on the phone. I’ll schedule THAT appointment. I’m not losing work hours and the annoyance of driving a toddler around town for childcare just because “that’s how she likes to do it.”

I’m not scheduling a chat. And no, you can’t weigh me again or take my blood pressure. It hasn’t changed in a week. If it has, I need a different kind of doctor.

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