Prayers for all!

One of the things I’ve found astounding, working with clients, is their total lack of appreciation that there is a line of demarcation between Friendly Customer Service Representative and Person Who Gives a Shit.

Frequently I receive emails from clients that inform me of some kind of trial or tribulation they are experiencing, some political stance they are sharing with the world, or, you know, stuff that has nothing to do with my job for them.

Today I received a missive calling for love and prayers (and cash donations) because the client’s adult daughter has been hospitalized due to a “critical medical emergency.”

I’ve never met this daughter. I’ve spent time with her parents because they were my clients. I don’t know where they live, if they prefer contemporary oak dining sets to repurposed barn boards and I’m not sure whether they have a dog. But for some reason, I’ve been included in this mass email cause to give a damn about humanity.

This all irritates me considerably as it intrudes upon my consciousness*.

However, my time in reading the whole thing was rewarded as there is a fantastic typo in this heartfelt, massively inappropriate email.

“May Bod bless us all.”

That’s right, the Bod that watches over us and keeps us safe. Thank you, Bod, for all of your blessings.

*that’s right, I got it in!

Stranger than Fiction….

A friend went out to dinner and witnessed the following. I feel this speaks for itself…

Friend: speaking of imminent death of children…

i went to dinner with Mike last night
and there were 3 early 20s girls at the table next to us
with a cake, kid’s bday plates, candles, etc
an obvious birthday celebration
the kicker
it was for one of their dead infants
i didn’t realize what was going on right away
Mike kind of butted in and said “oh cool a birthday! who’s birthday is it?”
and the mom said “my daughter’s”
which is when i noticed that she had a tshirt
with a picture of her daughter
and 12/27/07-9/something/08 printed on it


very quietly
but a guy at another table joined in
it was an extremely uncomfortable situation