A New Word

dramoxy (n.): drama by proxy. While some people are said to be drama magnets, others appreciate drama within a certain radius. We don’t want to actively participate in the drama. Instead, we want to be just outside of it. Most people fill this need by watching soap operas, while enviously wondering how Susan Lucci’s face isn’t melting off. Or if she is actually a cyborg. Others live for the thrill of seeming superior, but hoping that you will fuck up your life so that they can be part of the crazy.

Thursday? Oh no it can’t be! It’s far to gruesome!

G Smiley: Thursdays aren’t a great day for me to focus. Wednesdays wear me out.

Prudence: I think Thursdays sort of suck over all.
Prudence: It’s Thursday ennui, I tell you.
G Smiley: I’m actually pretty happy today. Just, well, lazy. Ennui suggests depression. Not depressed! Just lazy!
Prudence: We need a new name for it then. Something catchy. It will come to me.
G Smiley: Turdsday?
Prudence: hahahahah